Customer reference

Sagi Kawaz - CFO DiaSorin

As finance manager of DiaSorin, working with SAP Business One for years, analyzing data and providing many types of reports for management, I have spent time acquainting myself with tools that allow me to set up queries and create user-tailored reports for my work and the work of my colleagues. These reports mainly allowed for analyzing data as opposed to data collection.

Over the years I have tried a variety of tools that enabled me to build queries and reports tailor made for users. Whenever new tools came on the market I tried them out to see if they held advantages over the tools already being used, therefore I have used the internal query generator of XLREPORTER and Crystal Reports. The advantages of these tools are their data collection features but creating queries and reports by users who are not computer programmers is not easy and leads to problems. In addition, visual aspects of the reports and ease of distribution is lacking.

A year ago I came across BI360 from BICS as a solution for SAP Business One. I had previously heard of other BI solutions but the cost of implementing them were high. BICS’s solution was in my price range, a fact which helped me come to the decision to implement the program. At first things weren’t easy and I was skeptical as to any added value that this solution had over the tools I had previously used.

Thanks to the help and training I received from the ever-available BICS team I overcame my difficulties and skepticism and got to know the amazing abilities of this solution and am immensely appreciative of the technical abilities of this BI tool.

Today I can recommend BICS’s BI solution and say that it has amazing possibilities when creating reports and queries, their visual representation and clear graphics, accuracy and readability and ease of distribution by mail to other sources in a variety of forms and timings. It is an excellent integrative solution together with SAP Business One, fulfilling the data analysis needs of the business.

Ofer Tal – CIO Elimec Engineering

For a number of years Elimec engineering considered the possibility of acquiring a BI solution that would allow high speed analysis of business data from various angles, but the decision makers were discouraged by the high costs of the solutions available at the time. At the end of 2014 it was decided to purchase BICS’s BI360 and implement it in the company. The implementation was carried out quickly and professionally with the help of Adir and Or from BICS including all the necessary adaptations. We received a comprehensive solution at a price that even small to medium- sized businesses can afford including specific adaptations for our needs.

Heli Goldberg – CIO MoroccanOil

In 2014 we implemented SAP HANA as an In-memory analytical infrastructure connected to our SAP system. When we started working on the HANA internal user interface we realized that it would take us a long time to develop a good easy-to-use user interface. This led us to BICS’s amazing team who helped us implement SAP Business One Objects over the HANA. The BICS team is very skilled and professional and knows how to get the most out of SAP Business Objects, creating amazing tools and reports. The team knew how to guide us through the various tools that SAP Business Objects had to offer and showed us which tools were best for each task. Working with BICS saved us significant working time, they succeeded in developing each report quickly and efficiently, they were always available for any problem that arose. It was great fun to work with such a professional team.

Yossi Cohen – CIO Tempo Beverages Ltd

While distributing a new group of products for Tempo, the need arose to collect data from an unfamiliar SBO system. At very short notice, Netanella Amir came to our rescue with her vast knowledge and professionalism she succeeded in quickly answering all our needs. BICS’s response and the help they gave us were very significant in helping us prepare for distribution and meet our deadlines efficiently. For that we are grateful.

Eli Barashi- CFO Petrotech

BICS Team with the leading of Netanella amir and Adir Oren has done a great job in the BI implementation at Petrotech , the corporation with Petrotech management was extraordinary, the execution was precise and on time.
Insight 360 solution saves lots of time & effort in the reporting phase , we can know decide in a quicker and right way with our managerial decision.

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