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Insight 360 will boost your organization performance.
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Better Understanding, Smarter Decisions

Unlock the real value of your data for a smarter decision process. Turn your data into insight, improve your wisdom, goals & achievements. Whether you are SAP BW or HANA users , BICS experts are here for you

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What gets measured, gets managed

Peter Druker


In order to get your data from Digital Media, Cloud, ERP, Finance and more, you need a high performance computing to integrate and make intelligent storytelling of your data set. Learn how SAP HANA platform can work for you today

Real-time data information
High performance computing
Analytics intelligent
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About BICS

BICS is a leading Analytics & BIG DATA company specializing in SAP solutions. BICS is a part of the BDO firm since 2015. Our vision is to help SAP customers to achieve and improve their business goals. Our team will transform technology & business for 1 solution platform.
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